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Our Projects - Two Way Speaker Build
AAC occasionally chooses to work on a special project.  When we have one of these it will reported on a page like this for everyone to enjoy.
This is the information about our original project to design and build a two way speaker. The intent was to provide us with a portable reference speaker that could at least present itself well down to about 50 hertz. While the two way design we did does have some good bass, it just does not go low enough for certain types of music.
On this page, you will find requirements & specifications for the two way, design plans, a video detailing the construction, and parts lists.
DISCLAIMER: AAC makes no representations about the information in these videos or the security at the websites to which the video is linked. We are not responsible for any of the opinions expressed nor do we make any claims as to their validity. Please use the same caution when accessing the links to these video websites that you would for any other website with which you are not familiar.

Project Requirements:
The requirements for this project as follows, were defined by the project team, agreed to by John Morrison, president, and approved by the Executive Committee. 

Desired characteristics:

  1. Unique design made by club members (not an off the self kit sold by others).
  2. Portable - easily transportable by one person to the club house or a member's home.
  3. 2-way design means limited bass extension, but the drivers identified should get us acceptably low.
  4. Speaker must be easily driven by a 30 watt amp. allowing us to demonstrate a wide variety of amps.
  5. Should provide high quality sound in a room the size of the club house
  6. Must be doable within the budget constraints (~$1000)
  7. Should be constructed in a manner that other club members could build their own from a kit if desired.
Project Plans:
-  Speaker Box Design Details Be sure you check out all five pages!
-  Speaker Build Pix with Specifications The presentation slides for the introduction program.
Construction Video: Video Editing by Lee Tingler
AAC Reference Two Way Speaker BuildRide with the Valkyries through the build sessions
Parts List:
- Cost Breakdown Include the $114.92 for the stands and you'll know how much the speakers cost!
System Photos:
            - The Finished Two-Way Showing the Pangea Stands referenced above
            - Jennifer's Custom Speakers Showing what Dennis did to make them special for Jennifer!
AND FINALLY... Here's the text of an e-mail from Sam Papadas regarding measurements taken of the two-ways in an e-mail from 3/1/2011, 
"HI GUYS, as witnessed by Dennis, Jennifer, Paul, Jon, and Ringo (sorry, i couldn't resist) with both 2 ways  playing wideband pink noise, all the LEDs lined up within a 3 db window---plus or minus 1.5 db---  with the Audio Control 3050A spectrum analyzer a meter or meter and a half away. We even had at least 45 degree lateral dispersion with not much change in response. As predicted, the 3 db down point, (half power) is at 44-45 hertz.  They will play up to 100 db rather cleanly with about 25-30 continuous watts.  I think the real champ here is that wonderful motor of the pl 18wo-09 stiff paper cone (40 mm diameter voice coil, with a linear excursion of 8 millimeters peak to peak)-- the challenge will be to find a 10-12 inch woofer to compliment it. (Ed. Note... As you are aware from our September 2013 Meeting, we did find that 10 inch woofer!)
Respectfully yours,