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About Us
The Atlanta Audio Club (AAC) is dedicated to the enjoyment of music and audio reproduction in all of its many and varied formats. Our club members’ interests include many different areas of this hobby including, but not limited to recording, designing, building, refurbishing, listening, watching, and performing music. We are also interested in analog, digital, downloaded music, tubes, and portable music formats.
In addition to recorded music we try to have at least one live performance per year and when possible, a meeting devoted to video, either music or film.
We meet on a monthly basis in various locations around the Atlanta area and our members come from as far away as Alabama, South Carolina, and even California! Our meetings are generally on the third Sunday of the month from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM although the Sunday can be changed based on the needs of our presenters. Meeting presenters can be industry representatives, local retailers, distributors, designers, manufacturers, musicians, and even our own club members.
We encourage guests to attend a monthly meeting and decide if this club is for them.
Our main requirement for membership, besides the $40 per year for dues, is that you read our Bylaws and agree to abide by them. You will be asked to do this during the registration process and it is a condition of membership.
We allow membership payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Your card will be charged once your application is completed AND you have submitted the payment. This is immediate if you pay online and will take longer if handled by mail or in person.
If you are currently enrolled in a public/private high school, technical/vocational school, or college and live close enough to attend meetings regularly, check with the Membership Director about our special Student Rate of $10 per year!