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Our Projects - Subwoofer Build
AAC occasionally chooses to work on a special project.  When we have one of these it will reported on a page like this for everyone to enjoy.
In this case, we are building a subwoofer to mate with our previous project two way speaker. The intent is to give us a full range replay capability instead of the restricted low frequency of the two way. While the two way does have some good bass, it just does not go low enough for certain types of music.
On this page, you will find requirements & specifications for the sub, design plans, videos detailing the construction, and parts lists.
DISCLAIMER: AAC makes no representations about the information in these videos or the security at the websites to which the video is linked. We are not responsible for any of the opinions expressed nor do we make any claims as to their validity. Please use the same caution when accessing the links to these video websites that you would for any other website with which you are not familiar.

Project Requirements:
The requirements for this project were defined by John Morrison, president, as follows, and approved by the Executive Committee. 
- must give the existing club two ways the capability of full range playback down to the 25-30Hz region
- must integrate completely with the two ways.
- must be portable, weighing no more than ~60 lbs. per unit
- must be able to sustain being moved from location to location without functional damage
- must cost in the area of $1000 - $1200 to build
Project Plans:
Construction Videos: Videography/Editing by John Morrison (first time ever)
- Subwoofer Build 1 Layout and cutting of the Medium Density Fiberboard. (MDF)
- Subwoofer Build 2 Constructing the sides of the box and the front/back inserts
- Subwoofer Build 3 Cutting and rebating the woofer holes
- Subwoofer Build 4 Redesign for speaker terminal better placement
Subwoofer Build 5 We complete the box, install the wiring and woofers. Project Complete 
Parts Lists:
System Photos:
In Progress...