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ISO-Acoustics GAIAs
John Bratten

Members - just had Mike Burns over to the house 2X to install GAIAs under my 2 REL S5 SHO subs and the Lawrence Audio Cello speakers - GAIAs are isolation devices that come with and without carpet spikes - fit and finish are excellent and the value, compared to other offerings (Nordstrom SortFut, Townsend or Symposium platforms) are very reasonable @ $600 for a pair of speakers (for the middle size GAIA) - for those not familiar with Mike, he is a gem - specializes in Concierge audio - meaning that he is here to help, not just sell you things - he is a constant mentor and support to me on all things audio

Anyway, the GAIAs - BIG improvement - previously the sound was detailed and big - now the sound was just as detailed or more but the images more lifelike, focused in space, airy - certain recordings had instruments farther to the left/right of the speakers - Eva Cassidy’s “Fields of Gold” will chill your Chardonnay!! We listened without, then with, then without the GAIAs and the results were immediately recognizable. Mike came by to install them for a trial and would have left them for evaluation but I bought them on the spot. Previously, Mike helped me work through a phase issue with my Zesto phono preamp and is also helping me with issues on Roon.

The GAIAs are great and Mike better - both are highly recommended!


Jeff Todder
I can second the GAIA recommendation and level of improvement to clarity offered. I use with my Focal Sopra's with their optional spikes on my carpet as well. Mike heard my GAIA's when he installed a new Soundsmith cartridge and was encouraged to become a dealer.

I can also recommend the Iso-Acoustics Orea under Turntables, Transports, Servers with Hard Drives, etc. I use in my system with similar effects to the GAIA. Both devices offer isolation in part from the ability to control micro vibrations and move in 360 degrees. The Oreas  even work to further enhance clarity and transparency with equipment on audio racks that are designed on their own to eliminate vibrations.
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