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Club speaker cables
David Snyder
Apparently our club speaker cables are considered by many to be just about the best in the biz. I could really use some help putting together six very short (15 inches) pairs. I'm adding three tiny monoblock amps to our setup, so I'll use these to bi-wire our Legacy Audio FOCUS SEs and Silverscreen HD.

If you have supplier/ordering tips, that would certainly be helpful. If you have enough extra cable lying around and would not mind building them for me, I'd be happy to pay for the cable and your time. Thanks!

-- David
Dennis Juranek


there have been several generations of the club speaker cables.  
We started with 6-8 strands of 18ga silver coated copper wire per lead.  Source info for this build is on our web  site.  Sign in as a member and go to Documents, then DIY wire and terminations (PDF).  This will also give you contact info about the supplier.  Source info for banana termination is also there.
The next generation was a single strand of 8 ga silver coated stranded copper per lead from the same supplier.  I do not that he has this wire  in stock any longer, but you can call to find out.  I have found that 2 strands per lead of the 10 ga or 12 ga wire works just as good in my system.
All of the wire mentioned above has Teflon coated insulation.  
 If you can get all the parts, Sam Papadas may be willing to make the cables for you for a reasonable fee plus mailing costs.  Contact Sam directly if you are interested in goining this route.
if you are interested in going with the multi stranded 18 ga wire, I have enough of this on hand to do your job.  I just think that all of us think the heavier gauge wire sounds better.
David Snyder
Hi Dennis,

Sam and I chatted yesterday. He's putting together an estimate for me for the dual 10 gauge cables and termination. Thanks so much!

-- David
David Snyder
Sam spent about 2.5 hours terminating 8 gauge cables with Nakamichi branded banana plugs. They should arrive out here in California early next week. I'll post photos of them once I have everything hooked up. Thanks, Sam!!!
David Snyder
Here's a photo of Sam's handiwork in action. Nakamichi plugs expertly soldered to very short 8 gauge cables: Legacy Audio FOCUS SE on one end and Wyred 4 Sound mAMP with WBT binding posts on the other. Articulate, open sound with incredibly well controlled low end.
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