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Interesting Stuff I Found

new venture for Ortofon
Robert Hewitt, Jr.

Sorry this didn't scan well, I did try twice. This article is from Pro Sound News.

Ortofon has become involved in the creation of a 10" consumer vinyl record cutter that I though all would find interesting.

David Snyder

Neat idea, but $3,600 for the recorder and $12 for blanks that only hold nine minutes per side makes this a challenging value proposition. :) Glad to see that Ortofon is going to bite. Hoping their involvement moves the product into more practical realms.

John Morrison

Don't you just love it when someone claims they are the first... when they aren't even close! There were phonograph recording machines and booths available from the 1930s up through WWII where you could record personal messages to be sent to friends and loved ones. I happened on one of these during my stay at the US Navy's Great Lakes Training center. As I somewhat hazily recall, it was available around 1962-3 at the USO in Waukegan, Illinois. For a small amount I was able to record about a three minute message which was sent home to my parents to be played on their phonograph.

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