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Low Cost FLAC Downloads >75,000 Concerts & ...
Jeff Todder

Music Genres Available: 95% Rock & Pop, 5% Jazz & Blues

Content Websites: (guitar forums>music files>lossless audio bootlegs) Primary site but non searchable or curated;;; bootlegs

Download Websites (Paid): -$14.99 mo;$13 mo. Note: music files are only available via specified download websites.

Requirements: Winzip or other for FLAC files; file converter software (freeware) for rar or shn encoded files; metafile editing needed (e.g. paid dbpoweramp PerfectTUNES) to add track naming, labeling, album art etc. to downloaded files.

Watch Outs: Many listings include recording detail for source, types of recording equipment used, equalization and post processing detail if used.

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