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Some Great Artists are Turning to Streaming
David Snyder
As you might imagine, this COVID-19 lock-down thing is having a big impact on performing musicians. I've been in touch with one who lives in Italy for a few months. I was so impressed by the mood, performance, and sound quality of this album, that I felt compelled to reach out to him via email.

Alessandro and the members of his trio are fine, but they have not been able to record or perform for a while. As may artists are doing, they turning to live streaming as a way to perform for a virtual audience and to start generating a little income. The trio's next event will be streamed from YouTube live on May 19th, 20th, and 21st starting at 9:00 pm in Florence (3:00 pm Atlanta time, noon for me).

The cost of these concerts is $15 (which I believe covers all three dates). I think this is a wonderful idea to show support for great artists who want to get out and perform. I hope you will consider joining me to show these guys that there are music lovers out there. Here's a bit more information from their Facebook page. (automatically translated from Italian to if you read Italian, visit their page).

"The gem disappears in the bloom, and you could say that the one is rejected by this one; like, as the appearance of the fruit, the flower is declared a false existence of the plant, and the fruit takes over the flower as its truth".

Hi everyone, welcome to hegel.

Encouraged by the warm participation in my recent Facebook streaming concert donated to Emergency, I decided to replicate the experience with the idea of looking a little further.

On May 19/20/21th (h. 21.00-UTC+ 2) I will be with two dear pianists friends you all know: Alessandro Lanzoni and Simone Graziano. Every night we will alternate to the piano playing for you three songs each, chained to each other as the gem, flower and fruit.

  • 05/19 - Free Improvisations
  • 05/20 - Jazz Songs
  • 05/21 - Original compositions

These three nights will go live on YouTube in high quality and will be accessed via a link that will be sent to you individually. Finally you can download - preview and free - the CD containing a selection of selected songs from the three evenings. Buy your ticket here:

The CD will then be available on all major digital platforms.

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