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Vinyl and Storage For Sale
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Update from Rick and an attached list of vinyl recordings he is offering in this sale. Read the complete list before you make an offer!

"I just finished the excel spreadsheet that shows all the albums. There’s 436 albums with many double, 4 album, up to 8 album box sets, so I have over 500 albums in total.

Because of this, I’m raising the price to $1650 for all of them. I also have 2 storage shelving units that I’m going to sell for $100."


Once again a friend of the club is offering items for sale. This time the bulk of the items are his record collection. Below, in his own words is his offer.

"For all my 400+ albums consisting jazz, rock, blues, new age, and some classical, with multiple double albums and boxed sets, $1500 for everything. Have many multi-box sets with 1 being a brand new Led Zeppelin 4 disc that I have only played 2 albums of the 4, 1 time, this box set alone cost me $150.
I sold my TT setup a couple of weeks ago.

I also have 2 album shelving units for $100 for both. I also have a digital stylus force gauge for $25

For more information contact Rick Stehno at

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