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Inexpensive Phono Preamp wanted mm
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Hi Dale,
Here's another thought.
For about the same cost as the used GAIO I just posted you could DIY build an EAR 834 valve unit if you're into doing this. Boards and kits are available on eBay. There is a very, very long thread on LencoHeaven from all the happy members there that have built them.  At it you'll learn learn which is the best made board and kits, where to buy parts, mods that can be made to it, etc.   It's a very friendly/helpful forum to participate in.
If you are still in the market for a MM preamp you might consider this one.


I have a Cambridge Audio CP1 Phono Preamplifier, in black. It is like new, in near perfect condition, practically never used. I got it less than 1 year ago, with the intention of pairing it with a turntable I'm restoring. That project, however has not made much progress, so I really don't need the preamp at the moment. Those are selling new for around $149. It comes with original power supply, manual, and box. I'm willing to part with it for $110.

Markus Engel
I agree with John. Some information to consider adding to your request:
  • price range. $1-2k might be inexpensive for some folks and outrageous for others
  • table, tonearm, and cartridge that you'll be using with it
  • are you looking for a complete preamp with integrated phono stage or a separate phono stage?
  • if separate, which preamp/amp will you pair the phono stage with?
  • what are you using today, and what aspect of the sound are you hoping to improve?
  • include a photo of your current system

It might be helpful if you were to provide a little more information other than simply moving magnet. Did you have a price range in mind? Have you already looked at any Phono Preamps? Do you know how much gain you need for the cartridge you will be using? It might help our members to recommend one. It might also result in a response from someone who has one for sale.

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