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I Want This!

Wanted: Used turntable for Dwana occasional use
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I saw that too, but the Bluetooth and USB interfaces could be handy. Let me know what you decide on...especially you try one of these. :-)
Thanks David. It turns out that the same turntable without the Bluetooth is $89 at various stores (like BH and Amazon). 
It's not used, but this one gets great reviews. I'm considering buying one for my daughter. Nice things about it are the built-in phono stage and integrated bluetooth (which will work with her wireless headphones) attractive colors. :)

I was impressed by it when I read about how it was used in this article:

The turntable is currently on-sale:
Looking for a used turntable for Dwana's use in her den (including cartridge).  My budget maximum is $150.  If you have one in good working condition then please let me know!  You can contact me at 678-455-9488, leave a message if no answer.  Thanks!
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