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Shall I switch out my Sony SCD-1 for an OPPO 105D?
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I am outputting SACD DSD signals from my OPPO 105 to my Yamaha CX-A5000 pre/pro via HDMI, and it sounds terrific (to me, anyway). You are invited over for a listen, if you wish.
Ken Green
Yes, back again looking for some more advice.  I am thinking of replacing my "built like a tank" Sony SCD-1 SACD player with an OPPO 105D to give me additional flexibility in formats I could play, a more modern built-in DAC (for the SACD), and more convenient loading of disks (my SCD-1 is not on a top self and it is a top loader).  I also can feed the SACD signal (converted to PCM) from the OPPO into the Geek Pulse XFi that I use as my DAC. Note: the OPPO does output native DSD signals, but only on HDMI. I cannot do that with the SCD-1 since it does not output digital DSD, so I have to use its internal DAC for SACD discs.  Thoughts?
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