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Looking for Used DSD DAC
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Dear John,

My power amp has only XLR input.
Currently, I use an unbalanced output DIY DAC (XMOS + PCM1794).
To obtain a better performance, I will upgrade the whole audio signal to balanced path.

Thank you for your kind attention.

S.H. Ra
I have an LH-Labs Pulse fi. While not having the balanced outputs as the Pulse Xfi does, it has the upgraded audio outs and the Femto-clock. You would be welcome to listen to it in my system if you wish. The single ended Pulse fi has the same signal paths as the balanced version and the sound is very similar. Since I have owned my Pulse fi I have not even considered upgrading again.
I'm looking for mid-class DAC with the following function;
- USB digital input
- Balanced XLR output
- Volume control for line-out (I will try direct connection to my power amp without pre-amp.)
- Native DSD support

Currently, I'm considering LHlabs Geek Pulse Xfi, Wyred4Sound DAC-2 DSDse and BMC PureDAC.
Any DSD DACs with similar price and specification are also welcomed!
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