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I Want This!

Looking for new or used speaker to replace my Magn...
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I am back in town now if you want to arrange a listen. I am not too far from the club meeting as I am in Suwanee at

5715 Upper Creek Ct.
Suwanne, GA 30024

Black cloth silver rails. I am selling as they are too big for my small room.

Thanks. I will call you when you return.  What “color” scheme (side rails and grill cloth) are they?  Why are you selling?

I have a pair of 1.7's that I may be willing to sell, and while my current room setup is pretty awful, you are welcome to come try them out. I am out this week traveling but if interested give me a call anytime on or after 4/10.

Andrew Latham
My left channel Maggie is rattling (buzzing) at higher volumes with certain low notes. It will cost about $700 to get repaired :-(.  I am looking for input from club members on what to replace these with, given about a $2K budget.  I have gotten some feedback from Lee (Magnepan 1.7i) and Sam/John (Emotiva Stealth 8).  All ideas are welcome.  Also, used speakers are OK also!  Going to check AudioGon to see what is there. Oops, model number is wrong in title.  I have the 2.6R (last 2.x model with real ribbon tweeters), not the 2.7's  Sorry!
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