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An easy way to make a projection screen for your ...
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I have a Draper Onyx (100 inch) in my home theater room.  It cost $925 in 2006 and came as a "kit".  I put together the frame, and the screen material came in a roll which I spread out on the frame (kind of like stretching an oil painting canvas).  The screen was about $800 but I added the black velvet border for an additional $125. 
Thanks for the great tip! Can you do this on a wall that is already in place if it is smooth enough?
If yo are wanting to build a media room and don't want or have the 3 grand for a Stewart Filmscreen I have an easier way to do it.

First yuo need a wall that is the appropriate size for your screen. Say 96" first you will need to map out where you want it and make sure it is perfectly vertical and horizontally straight. Flat and smooth. To achieve this you will need to make sure the studs are straight I used steel studs to get this right, on 1 ft centers to make sure.
Next dry wall it ad tape with fiberglass tape and mud. Then sand and mud then glaze the whole surface with mud than sand again and glaze again sand with 400 grit sand paper.

After doing this you can spray the surface with a white primer. then sand again. After this is ready you need to finish the surface yo can use Screen Goo a good product for screens but I used Flat White Ceiling Paint cut to the consistency of milk. And rolled on using a 7" sponge roller three coats of paint to get the surface even and bright enough to reflect the picture properly. OK now yo have your screen in the 16X9 configuration and for a final touch you can paint CAREFULLY a 2" flat black stripe around the screen for over shoot of the picture. I used some painters tape and News print to cover the white paint you could use a roll of Car masking tape and paper if you like. If you get any on the screen carefully dab off and then repaint the area.. BUT try not to get it painted over w black paint to begin with. Let dry and you are ready for movies.

I will talk about projectors and set up later.
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