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Ride Share to Emotiva Atlanta Event - June 21st
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Don't forget to go to the Event Page on our website and REGISTER for the event!
I am driving down to Bill McCulloch's place in Roswell to pick him up to go to the Emotiva event.  We plan to arrive around 11 am or so.  There is space for one more person in the car!  Let me know if you are in the North Fulton area and want to join us.
As I posted in April, willing to drive or be passenger.  Looking for folks in the north part of town, in and around Alpharetta, etc.
Since we are getting close to the big weekend - Emotiva on the Road, Saturday the 21st and our Vinyl Day Meeting on the 22nd, I thought I would send around another reminder.
The Emotiva event is from 9A to 6Pm at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead. There is a link on the Home Page to the event calendar with more info.
This message goes out to all Members. You only need to respond if you would like to set up or ride in a car pool. You will have to respond on the website so that we have a centralized record of who is interested and can work to pair y'all up. If you aren't interested, don't respond.
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I'm in! I will drive to your house. All we need to do is settle on a time!

ThanksJohn, but I think I will be out of town that weekend.
I contacted Emotiva today regarding Parking; they say we can park across the street at Lenox Square for no charge. Apparently they checked with the Ritz-Carlton about this, though I'd probably double check with Lenox Square and make sure-
Greg K.
I'm in! I will drive to your house. All we need to do is settle on a time!
I can drive and we can meet at my house.   Can take 3 passengers + Jennifer and me.

i think the hotel is across the street from Lenox square.   If so, we could park in the Mall parking lot.
I can be passenger or driver.
I am sure that parking for this event will cost! I am wondering if any members would like to meet at another member's home and then car pool to the event. I am willing to drive, but would like to have company!
Respond to this forum message and we'll see who is interested and which members would make sense to ride together.
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