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Let's Go Together!

Lets Go To Emofest
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My recommendation would be to go on Friday night if you can afford it. Saturday morning at 10:00 AM the tech day starts and it can get packed really early. The sooner you get there the better. Also that's the best day to pick up bargains as they have the largest supply. By Sunday afternoon, all the best stuff has been claimed! I also recommend staying until the last of the raffle drawings on Sunday afternoon,
if possible. They raffle off really great stuff.
I'm tossing around the idea of going to Emofest, especially if Bob Carver is there.
I've never been to one, it should be fun-

I've wanted to go ever since I bought my Emotiva UMC-1 pre/pro for the media room several years ago. Deb and I are planning to make the trip this year. Not sure if we're driving out Friday after work or Saturday morning. Please post to let us know when you're heading up.
People who plan on attending the 2013 EmoFest can use this Forum Thread to coordinate ride and accommodation sharing. You can use it to plan for meeting for meals, or rides to the Emotiva office. I have added a few past attendees to this Thread, but everyone else will have to opt in.
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