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Vintage Audio Collection Post 1
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I was contacted by Terri Papproth, her late husband, Thomas Boc, was a member of the Atlanta Audio Society back in the 90's. He left a large collection of vintage audio equipment she would like to sell. It's been stored in her basement and she states everything appears to be in good shape. The collection includes HSU Research, Audio Research, HUMAN, Monster Power, Bryston, Wadia, Denon, Sony, Yamaha, EPI and Spica speakers and stands, tubes, cables, manuals plus some albums. Terri has priced out the following items, more will be listed soon.

Audio Research Model SP-3 - $2,300

Bryston 4B Solid State Stereo Amplifier - $780

Denon AVR-4802 - $200

EPI M90 Speakers with Stands (2) - $200

HSU Research True Sub VTF-2 - $200

Human Loudspeaker - C2 LRS - $250

If you're interested, Terri's friend Kim is helping with the marketing of the equipment so reply to Kim,

her contact information is below:

Kim Maloney @ (404) 668-5802

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