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USD DAC's and ROON Endpoints
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Good Morning all....

I have recently moved to the sole use of of RPi4's with VitOS and have upgraded to the latest SMSL SU-9 DAC. So, I have the following items available for any member that is looking to have a USB DAC with a Roon network endpoint.

  1. Pro-Ject Pre Box S2: Currently using a Neo3 as a eth to usb streaming device running dietpi. This was built with the help of David Snyder and works great. $300
  2. iFi Silver DSD with a Neo3 device $200
  3. iFi Black Nano with Neo3 device. $200

If you are using ROON and would like a very versatile DAC and endpoint option, the three of these all work great in achieving that solution.

Happy to help and discuss for those that are interested.


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