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Good Evening. Please let me know if you are planning to visit on Saturday, approx. time, and anything specifically you are looking at, for, or curious about so that I can properly prepare.

I would prefer to 10-2 timeframe and I live in Sandy Springs, GA.

595 Idlewood Dr

Atlanta, GA 30327



Current List w/ Pictures. Needs further updating, but a start for your viewing interest.


Kyle Stephens

I will be sending out a list of all the items for your review this evening. Additionally, you should note that my home is located off our Riverside Drive & I-285, inside Sandy Springs.

This will be an outdoor event with COVID-19 precautions (Mask) required during your visit.

Yes, there will be power and the ability to turn-on, listen, etc.


Kyle Stephens


All - Good Morning and I hope all is well.

This Saturday, from 10AM -3PM, I will be hoisting a "Garage Sale", literally in my Garage, of all the current gear that I have available to sale.

I will have a "Price $$" for each piece, but all offers and/or trades will be considered.

If you have any questions, thoughts, and recommendations please let me know!


When I've attended similar club "garage sale" events in the past, most of the fun for me came from socializing with other members, hearing their personal stories about the gear that they brought, discussing their thoughts/experiences with items others are offering, etc. It's tough to create that social connection virtually (believe me, I've tried). You guys are so lucky to be (mostly) open and able to socialize in person. I recommend making the most of that while you have the opportunity. My 2 cents. :)

All - like the idea but why have anything physical at all – seems that anyone coming to an event like this would have something in mind to look for so why not create just an on-line list of items and distribute to the Club members to broker contacts between interested parties?


John Bratten

Power? Why would you want power? Anything more than seeing the pilot light turn on and the place becomes lke a Best Buy store on a holiday weekend. The word cacophony comes to mind. Inside or outside is fine for a swap meet but neither one is a place to do any critical listening.


Seems a good idea to me, however we wouldn't have power in the parking lot, and the weather may be a variable. Plus the pool is being rebuilt this winter, so as I understand the parking lot is/will be a mess. I think inside is a better idea, depending on parking capability.

I have collected an enormous amount of gear and was curious if the Club Members would consider a AAC Yardsale?

Logistically, I was imagining the use of the parking lot at the Dunwoody Driving Club. This would allow for us maintain proper distance, have an outdoor setting, and for us all to display items we wish to part with.

Any interest at all in this type of event??


Kyle Stephens


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