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Heathkit Collection - HAM Radios
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Good Morning AAC and I hope all is well!

I have several Heathkit items that I have inherited that I would like to offer forsale to those interested. Please review photos and let me know if you have any interest in these items. 

Reference attached PDF for pictures of the items listed below.

1. Heathkit SB-100
2. K4YMR Handheld
3. Heathkit CT-1
4. Precision Apparatus Company - Navy Type CPF-60057 Vacuum Tube Tester
5. Heeathkit HW-10
6. Hammarlund HQ-One Sixty
7. DAVCO Model DR-30 Receiver
8. Heathkit Dynamic Tube Checker
9. Astatic Corp D-104 Microphone
10. Yaesu FT-727R
11. Alinco DR-510
12. Heathkit QF-1
13. Heathkit IM-2410
14. Heathkit RF Signal Generator
15. Heathkit Oscilloscope Model 10 -12
16. Bendix C 213366  Power Transformer


Kyle Stephens

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