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Great Price on Sorbothane Isolators
John Morrison
Just found this great deal on Sorbothane pucks. Eight 2.5 inch pucks for $20.

Click Here

John Morrison
Here's an update! I bought a set of these. I cut 2 of them in 4 pieces each as they are really large (now 8 quarter circles). I put them under my Emotiva powered speakers in the desktop system. I originally had them on 1 inch cloth fiber insulation pads. The benefit was immediate and much greater than I thought it would be. The bass is tighter and less congested. I have always felt these speakers were a little congested throughout the frequency range. Benefits include clearer mids and highs, better imaging, and overall more enjoyable sound! These speakers sit on the long heavy duty folding table I use for my computer desk. Next a set of these as described here is going to replace the Blu-Tac under the Vanatoo T1E speakers in my bedroom system!
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