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Free Broken Class D Amp/DAC/DSP Unit - Gone!
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Email me your address and I will ship it to you —


Kyle Stephens

It's already been taken.

if amp is still available I would like to take a crack at it.

Robert Myers

I have an early set of Vanatoo T1E powered speakers that include digital and analog inputs, a built in DAC, and limited DSP capability. These were known to have a problem with the amps and when mine finally died, Rick at Vanatoo immediately sent me a replacement amp with installation instructions. I repaired the speakers and once again have wonderful sounds in my bedroom.

I was told I could simply throw the old amp away. I have no clue what the problem is, but this amp is self contained with inputs of several types and output for the internal speaker and a non-powered second speaker. This is a brilliantly designed unit and I hate to just throw it away. If any one wants it to tinker with, you can have it.

A possible application for this would be to repair the amp and use it on a currently unpowered set of bookshelf speakers. (BTW, there are 4 class D amps in this package as each of the drivers is powered separately!)

Let me know ASAP if you are a tinkerer interested in taking a crack at this amp. I'll hold off on placing it in the circular file for a few days just to see if there is any interest. For more information on the T1E's see my review on the website. Vanatoo T1E Review

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